Mocha-Chai Unit testing Nodejs Applications : Part 2

Many out there believe that unit testing is time consuming and hilariously funny to talk about. When I started out my career as a software Engineer/ Systems Engineer, I disliked my manager when he asked me about the status of my unit test cases. I clearly had a disliking for that. However, 8 years into developing products for large clients ranging from Banking to automotive, I strongly believe that a developer's good healthy sleep lays in good and healthy unit test cases.

So over the coming days, I am making screencasts on writing unit test cases in Node.js using Mocha and Chai. Mocha and Chai are 2 wonderful unit test frameworks for Node.js. Mocha is a JavaScript library for organising our code for both serverside as well as client side JavaScript code. Chai.js is a rich with many assertions for validating our code. Both Mocha and Chai support TDD and BDD style of unit testing.

Here is the Part 2 of the our unit testing nodejs with Mocha and Chai

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