WoW, Uber Coupons and Fixed Uber Go price are coming.

Uber is trying hard to impress everyone in India. They have made a lot of decisions and new business models purely based on Indian market conditions. They have even brought the UberPOOL opportunity that they experimented in China and other East Asian countries over the last few months.

Uber first introducing cash payments specifically for the Indian market and took it to a global level.
Ola the arch rival of Uber in India, has been gaining a lot of momentum and is still in lead. Thanks to its new ways of making customers ride with in. One of the new models from them is Micro for Rs.6/KM and Ola Share.

UberPOOL that started on June-1-2016, has been seeing a tremendous response from everyone. The main reason can be traced to the fact that the amount we must pay for the trip is fixed upfront and it doesn’t change. So happy customers are loving this all possible ways.

Uber, is taking a brave step forward and is taking yet another big business model from India to the Global level – Displaying a fixed price for “Uber Go” upfront for a trip. This means you don’t have estimate fee anymore and no worry of ticking payment anymore. Read more from their official blog here.

Special Uber coupons for upto 80% off on your trips. Here is the link for it.

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