Why should government buy Drones?

In the recent years one of the biggest hardware technologies that have thrilled and made people go for it are - drones. One of the most popular videos on YouTube that were shot off drone are Apple's new campus at Cupertino.

The US government already using a similar but complex technology called as UAV's, there has been a need for such vehicle in smaller size and easy to use one's

With the US government making it mandatory to register the drones with Govt's repository and wanting it to make public tells us on how important it drone's have become in the society. With most drones bought only by enthusiasts, there are more coming into market based on the custom requirements from movie industry.

Yet all the Govt's across the globe are not making the best use of this new technology. It is time that Govt's invest in buying drones to have a bird's eye of the busiest roads and junctions apart from the costly assembly of the CC cameras. With increasing threat from non-social elements, it is more important now for govt's to invest in this new technology and make it more robust along side investments in heavy fighter jets.

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