The Shoe Lace: Series01 Episode01

THE SHOE LACE is a series of episodes where you will go on a journey with Avyukta, his family and his friends. Avyukta's life is a simple Indian middle class and his journey is stitched with fun, love, emotions and his experiences. Join us as we narrate you his story.

It is a rainy morning of June. 11 year old Avyukta is very excited as he witnessed the first showers of the rainy season in India. More than the scent from wet soil from the first showers, the house is filled with the aroma of new textbooks, notebooks and new school bag.
 Avyukta is equally excited as tomorrow is his big day. 10-June, is his first day at school as he gets into 7th standard and is allowed to have trousers. He has got everything ready for his school. His mom, Lakshmi has got his new school dress stitched.

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