Leaked iPhone 7 photos are here. New features are here

iPhone 7 is now the most awaited phone in the world. Apple has neither publicly denied making a new phone nor acknowledged that it is making one. However, few tweets from a person named Steve on his twitter account says that iPhone 7 is coming very soon.

The pictures are of good quality and look like they are directly picked up from the production line in China.
The outer case for iPhone 7 with 4.7 inch looks like it is coming with a bigger camera while the iPhone 7 5.5 inch leaked pictures show that it will come with 2 camera in the back with improved lens and focus settings.

No matter what it might be, as of what we stand today, it is clear that iPhone 7 is coming but when and what is the time line is yet to be leaked or confirmed.

Images are credited to the person from the above twitter account at https://twitter.com/stagueve

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