How a Robot Escaped a Lab and went on its own and scared its inventors

Russians are 1st to start few things in science and technology. So they came up with a Robot that can think and work independently. The Robot from Promobot pushed its limits with the Artificial Intelligence and left the lab and ran out into the open space before that. The main gate of the facility that was supposed to be closed to avoid this kind of activities was left open and the Robo jumped out.

However, to the relief of the engineers and also to their bad luck, the Robo ran out of charging after moving 50mts from the testing facility.

Robotics and Artificial intelligence are the biggest bets by many Russian and the US firms apart from the Koreans and Japanese. This competition for having better Robots that can mimic the human activities and there by gaining large deals in the name of cost cutting and other things, the labs are going too far. However, this is also a blessing to many out there who needs assistance and supervision.

Who is Promobot? Courtesy:
Promobot – this is the first on the market, completely self-contained “live” with a robot character. It is designed to work in areas of high concentrations of people in which the robot helps people with navigation, answers any questions, translates promotional materials and remembers everyone with whom had to communicate.

Promobot attract maximum audience of the advertised product, and also excludes people from this process, because it works independently. Suffice it to start the robot, and then the robot will independently recognize people, to offer them to promote products and advise on predetermined topics.

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