Apple stores for iPhone and Mac close to your home very soon

Narendra Modi government today eased on how to Foreign companies can open and operate their retail outlets in India. Until yesterday any company that wants to open a retail store needs to have 30% of their product manufactured in India. However, today;s FDI rules have made changes to certain sectors that now helps Apple.

So soon you might see a full glass building that sells Apple products close to your homes. If Apple pushes itself fast based on today's new rules, it should open Apple stores in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore as soon as 2016 or early 2017.

Also, apple will get to operate their stores without manufacturing a single component of iPhone or Mac or iPad or any of its products for the next 8 years. 3 years as an exemption for 5 more years if they bring in new technology and innovation that doesn't exist in India at the time of revaluation.

Here are few pics of the Apple stores from around the world.
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