Affordable Insurance plans this 2016

Health is Wealth - an old saying. However, you first need wealth to have better health these days. But we all know that health insurance doesn't come cheap. Few of us don't really use it at all yet it is very important that we get the right insurance plan.

You know what? finding a cheap health and yet a best insurance plan can be a long time taking and frustrating sometimes. This doesn't mean that there exists no cheap insurance plans but the tough thing is that qualifying for one of those is a bit complex.

Historical data shows that every 1 in 5 will get to emergency between the age of 25 and 44 due to changing lifestyles and stress involved in that. If you think that this doesn't happen to you, the report also says that a fractured arm can make you pay upto $16,000. There are many cases of bankruptcy that were reported last year due to medical bills.

So what you can do to buy affordable health insurance plans?

Compare them online

There are many sites out there that help you check plans and compare plans and take a note of those plans that tell you that it covers the issues you want to be covered.

Buy from the insurance companies

The sites that help you compare the plans will also offer you to buy the insurance plan at a discounted rate. We recommend you not to buy from these sites and rather visit the nearest office of the insurance you think suites your needs.

Buying from an Agent

Or buy from a recognised Agent who can walk to your home or can spend good amount of time to help you out.

Important and big disclaimer: The points above are not even suggestions. They are just the thoughts that ran in my mind.  Do you have any issues with this post? Please drop me a mail at I am okay to pull this post off from the site.

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