7 honest father’s day gifts that you can give and make your father happier than ever.

1. Buy him his favourite magazine subscription.

 2. Buy him a shaving kit that you think is best in your budget.


3. Buy him a surprise pair of dress that he loves while going out for a walk or early morning jogging. Make sure he looks younger in them than his age!

4.  Give him a long hug and thank him for all that he has done to you till date.

 5. Give your mom a gift that she has been asking your father. This will make him believe that you have grown enough to think about family members as well.

6.       If you are a girl and are looking to get married tell him how you have planned your savings to help him for your wedding day.

7.       Cook a recipe that he loves the most! Chicken? Capsicum curry? Anything that he loves!

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