Which Split AC to buy? Buying a Split AC

Which Split AC is best? 5 star rated or 3 star rated? What AC should you buy based on your room size? We know you have so many questions! So here we are with the right answers!

The summers have never been this worse!  The summers of 2016 in the month of March and April are enough to prove that Climate change is for real! But we need relief not just from the hot afternoons but hot evenings as well.

So here are few questions and the answers for what AC to buy this summer!

Should I buy a split AC or a Window AC?

Buying a Window AC is now outdated! Yet Window AC is cheaper in comparison with Split AC

What is a Split AC?

Split AC has the blower and the chiller unit inside your room and the condenser, the one that prepares the chilled AC is outside the home. This is designed so that you do not get to hear the sound of a working AC. You just need a working AC.    

Which Split AC is good for me?

Split AC comes in many designs and colors. Almost all popular electronics brands have multiple models of split AC available in the market today. However, the biggest and the most important factor that decides your AC is the size/capacity measured in TONS. 1 TON, 1.5 TON, 2 TON etc.

How do i decide on the size of split AC?

The size/ capacity of a split AC is decided based on your room size, the number of floors that are above your home, the windows that room has and whether the room is on the EAST or WEST or does it have a SOUTH wall.
So if your room size is between 10X10 to 14X14 then a 1 TON AC is a good one!
If the room size is A-cross-B 
A - from 10 to 14
B - from 10 to 14 can be cooled with a 1 TON AC
If there are no floors above your bedroom/home then this must be a 1.5 TON AC.
If you have a room that is above 15 for either A or B then go for 1.5 TON AC

What STAR rated AC should I buy? or Should I buy a 5 star rated AC or a 3 star Rated AC?

If you are going to use your AC for 8 to 10 hours or above everyday, then go for a 5 star rated AC. Else a 3 star rated AC is good enough. There is no big difference in electricity bill savings.

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