IPL : Why Chasing is Like FREE HIT. Reasons are Here!!! Read On!!!

IPL  - The biggest cricketing festival of the world has lot of viewers and gets a lot of money to the players. Many players who were restricted to local teams and earning very little were suddenly made stars and super stars.

This doesn't mean its only taking! IPL has always given the much needed entertainment to the world over with so much fun, nerve breaking excitement and nail biting pressure!

However, it so happened that VIVO IPL 9 has made more exciting news than ever. After 9 years of start IPL is still seeing houseful crowd.

Under the light chasing has always been believed to be tough! Yet this IPL, chasing has been the success factor!

Most importantly the chasing in the matches has been the talk of the world! Yes! 

13 of 14 matches (as of 20-Apr-2016) except for the one that SRH lost to RCB have been WON while CHASING! I am sure many of you might have thought why is this so? Why such a huge win for the chasing teams has been possible! 

Few of the reasons for this are -

  • The Indian summers this time are very hard! This makes the grass dry and the pitch with no moisture at all! This means it's a flat pitch! Yes! a perfect Table Tennis Top!!!
  • With the on going water crisis because of El Nino effect the water levels have come down and the ground's curator doesn't get to implement what he has in his mind! This means the scope of having green pitches itself has become tough!
  • No grass and flat surface means NO spinning tracks! Now you know why Ravichandra Ashwin has very few wickets! Same is with any other spinner except for Muragan Ashwin!
  • The heat winds from the East brings in very hot air and weather that makes air lighter! This means creating low pressure for the shinned blow to swing is less! (Physics - so correct me if am wrong!)
  • Lot of sweating due to hot weather conditions as well is one of the factors!

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