Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi combination for Telugu people in 2019

Many of the Telugu film goers love watching Chiranjeevi on silver screen. Chiru, is known as the Mega star in the Indian film circuit. His younger brother Kalyan entered the movies as Pawan Kalyan and is more popularly known as Power Star to his big fan base. Sometimes referred by media as PK, has the biggest craze in Telugu cinema lovers of 21st century.

Chiru, having started his political career in 2008 with the launch of Prajarajyam Party has got a bi support from his family and mainly from Pawan Kalyan. Kalyan has tourned many places campaigning for PRP in 2009 elections. However, the love for Chiru on screen couldn't be converted to votes and very soon he merged his party into Congress in 2010. Many analysts say that this is one of the main reasons for a gap in relationship between Chiru and Kalyan. Though Chiru has come for many of Kalyan's functions the vice versa never happened.

However with Sardar Gabbar Singh, the scene has completely changed. Chiru and Kalyan looked as close as what they have always been. The love was evident for each other in very picture that was captured. Chiru's suggestion to Kalyan to not leave cinema made his love for his brother more strong in the public arena.

This brings us to a bigger question on what could their journey be going in the coming years? As far as analysts say, Chiru might have some political leaning towards what Kalyan's thoughts are. Chiru's Rajya Sabha term will end by 2018. This means it is few months before the 2019 general elections. With AP facing a lot of heat because of Kapu reservation and having a good percentage of Kapu population, Chiru is a needed face in AP politics for anyone. Kalyan, however has supported to TDP and BJP alliance in 2014. If everything between them works out and the analysis by media comes true, Chiru might support Kalyan and his alliance in 2019.

Until then keep watching and cherish their acting on silver screen.

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