Relationships:: One important bond to keep you happy

Love is always in the air, no matter where you are, what you are doing, how busy you are!

Of all the types of love, one biggest thing that the humans engage more of their time is with their partner. ( girlfriend, boyfriend, wife,husband)
When in a relationship, it is always inevitable that one of us will lose our temper on what we want to do, where we want to go, how we want to plan, what to buy. what not to buy and so on. Yet, keeping our promise for a relationship in this busy age of running to office in traffic jams and hanging our heads and rolling our eyes in midst of technology is more important. Because a lovely and a peaceful relationship is all what makes you happy, keeps you engaged, helps you deliver better as a human being.

Over the years, having spoken to many of my friends who are in long time relationship and converting that into a happy lifetime relationship, I have found one most important thing that will help you hold your better half's hand forever. That is  - Emotional attachment.

Now, what is this emotional attachment? It has many meanings and it varies at many levels for every couple. However 1 kind of attachment that will help you go hand in hand with your loved one's forever is sharing your most important and memorable events in life with them.

These memorable moments can be anything from past and present or future. When you talk about your most memorable events from your past with your partner, it creates a kind of emotional attachment between you and they get involved in it and this creates an impression on you. The memorable moments need not always be something that has brought in good for you. Say you both are driving in a car and you come to a place you use to go around playing cricket or football in that location. Talk about that memories, how they made you feel, what was it that made you be happy playing that sport. Or you are at a place where you met with an accident a few years ago. Talk about it on how you were helped by good Samaritans. Who helped you when you were trying to overcome the pain and the wounds of that accident. This will create an emotional bonding in the brain cells of your partner.

Note: having said this, the above paragraph is just a summary of few tens of people with whom i spoke and it is purely an individuals interpretation. This does not necessarily relate to you based on the scenario you are in. Follow your heart, your mind or what you believe is the best for you. Images are copyrighted to respected owners. If you have any complains about pics please drop us a mail at

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