Weekend getaway :: Skandagiri Temple : Devotion and Technology together

Skandagiri Temple is 3 KM from Secunderabad bus stop and Secunderbad Railway station.

It is also 3 KM from Secunderabad Ganesh Temple. While you take the Musheerabad road and enter Padma rao nagar, the temple is on the next lane to Padma rao nagar garden.

Skandagiri Temple is famous for Sri Subramanyeswara Swamy, the son of God Shiva-Parvathi.
Skandagiri Temple is developed and maintained by Sri Kanchi kamakoti peetam.

Skandagiri Temple also houses a powerful looking and blessing God Hanuman. The Temple premises are very clean and are maintained with due importance to hygiene and health. Lot of devotees visit Skandagiri Temple and even then it makes your heart and soul devoted to God. Such is the power of this temple.

As the Skandagiri Temple is a top of hill rock, they have provided lifts for elderly. Deepam, Archana sevas are automated with Teller machines.

Darshan Timings:

Monday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 7 AM to 11 AM
Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday - 7 AM to 12 PM

Advise to fellow devotees and travelers:

I visited this place with my family this weekend. If you are coming from Uppal / Tarnaka - Google Maps advises you a route that takes Shitafalmundi flyover road. I advise you to avoid this route and the lanes are very narrow and confusing. If you find a car opposite to you, you are stuck! So drive straight to Secunderabad and take left to Gandhi Hospital road and enter Padma rao nagar. This is the best road.

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