See who Unfriends YOU on Facebook using THIS Mobile App

Can I see or know who has unfriended me on Facebook? is one of the most famous question on Yahoo questions and answers page. "Who unfriended me on Facebook" is one of the biggest question that teens are worried to know the answer. "Who deleted me on Facebook friends list" becomes the single most important question of the life if  a person whom we have a crush unfriends us.

So, there is a smart team who had the same question - "Who unfriended me on Facebook". They came up with this app called -

"Who Deleted Me on Facebook". 

See who deleted YOU on Facebook

See who deleted YOU on Facebook

It is currently available for iOS Android and as a Google Chrome extension. The App was first reported on one of the most famous Technology website - TheNextWeb. We were so excited to see this app. We has started testing this app and will soon update the screenshots of the results from our end.

At the time of our testing, the site is down and the app has not been responding properly. However, we believe the team is working hard to bring it alive and hence we thought it is a right thing to share this information with our readers.

All the content of this post is created on our own and no part of it has been copied or picked up from any website. As part of giving data to our readers, this article is presenting the publicly available data and nothing that violates any publishing sections. If you see any discripences or have second thoughts on this, please write back to us at or drop a comment on this article and we will get back to you.

See who Unfriends YOU on Facebook using THIS Mobile App
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