See First :: Facebook Starred List gets another feather in the cap

"See First" Facebook has rolled out another feature 2 days ago. Apart from the current option of "Starred Contacts" that shows those person's updates in our notification box, this is a new addition.

See First will effect the news feed of your Facebook page. It shows the updates and data from the person/ page who is tagged as "See first" by you.

See first option can be clearly understood if you see it using your mobile App. Go to any of your friend's profile and click on "Following" option. It will then show you 3 options in the type of following that Facebook offers you using this new feature.
1. Default
2. See first
3. See least

Here are the screenshots of my See First tags that I have opted for. TheNextWeb screenshots are from the Browser version for a page to be shown as first where as the bottom one's are for a friend profile from android Mobile App.
See First Facebook feature

I see this will have a greater impact on the users news feed. If you have too many pages tagged as "See First" you might end up missing or placing other updates at the bottom of your Facebook news feed. However, "See First" helps a person like me to quickly see the updates from my family members and get out of the habit of surfing and addiction to Facebook. This will surely help you in getting the most and help you save a lot of time.

Exploring this option is recommended from Hyderabadrocker blog as we found it to be cool and ubersome. Have an eye on the posts you love and yet neglect the one's that you care the least about.

So write in your comments on how useful this post was to you. We will be happy to hear you. "See you first"
See First Facebook feature

See First Facebook feature

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