Funny - Hyderabad Auto driver VS American Lady in Pure Hindi. Must Watch this Video

Auto walas are known for their rude and reluctant actions everyday. We have all seen and tasted them in our lives. Yet, the only thing we could do was to walk away from the rude guy to someone who can take us to our destination.

No matter what we think, we pay the money demanded by them and sometimes we beg them to drop us (they act as if they are the daamad of our family - son-in-laws).

Recently, a Hyderabad Auto wala has decided not to ride a Forigen women to Charminar. Upset with the driver's behavior she did recorded a video with a continuous commentary.

The surprise element of the whole video is her Shuddh Hindi with the American accent. Watch out for her "Charminar" in the video.

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