Viral: Girlfriend gets half of her gifts back from boyfriend. Rest he sold on eBay. Literally.

Love is blind and break up is a distress. Few people take the break up lightly and few take it very seriously. A German person who had a break up with his girlfriend recently.

A video that's currently going viral all over the internet shows a man sawing many expensive things like an iPhone 6, a flat screen TV and even a car into half. If you don't understand German, the video will make for quite a painful watch.

The video is titled 'For Laura' and the descriptor on YouTube reads: Thank you for 12 "beautiful" years Laura!!!!! You've really earned half. Greetings also to my successor.

The man, going by the name Der Juli on YouTube, is trying to literally give his former partner half of everything they owned together.

Adding insult to injury, he's put up his half of the share on eBay for all the world to see and/or buy.

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