Housing.com needs Vaastu planning??

Housing.com has been in news for many a reasons and we all know very well about all of them.

Firstly, its been in news for being the hottest start up from India valued very high at an early stage. 
After a change in its logo, it has spent a huge chunk on advertising. There has been a lot of social media buzz around it.
And then its own hero, Rahul Yadav has hosted a new twist to the story. He suddenly quit the company and the mail he wrote was out in public. The very next day, he took another twist by withdrawing his resignation.

One fine day, the 4th one, as if he was inspired by the give away concepts, he gave away he stake to the Housing.com employees. OMG! that was a huge shock to the social world.

He then went on asking Zomato CEO to do the same. Recently, we was in news commenting on Infosys CEO, Vishal Sikka.

Looking at so many twists and hosting that's happening, it feels like Rahul ji needs to visit a vastu saastra pundit/ guru to rectify the vastu issues of his office. 

More importantly, what we can learn from Rahul Bhayya are:
  • Marketing on social media should be dynamic, demanding, sarcastic.
  • People should be forced into waiting for "one more" kind of thought process.
  • Marketing is not the niche place for marketing MBA's only!
  • If a CEO does something unique, it pulls in a lot of buzz and it in turn is free publicity with news greedy media teams.


Disclaimer: I am as witty and as naughty as our own Rahul Yadav bhayya is. So is this post. Please drop me a mail at hyderabadrocker007@gmail.com

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