Apple Swift to be made an open source

Did you read it right? Don't worry, don't rub your eyes, you read it right! Last year, apple has introduced a new programming language called "swift" that can be used instead of or along with Objective C to develop iOS apps. 
1 year from there, today, Apple in its yearly WWDC- 2015 has said that it will make "swift" an open source with the introduction of more performace driven "swift 2.0"! 

That's a huge change in apple's strategy. It's quite different from its traditional faith of owing everything from the language to the hardware from the stores to the eco-system. Steve jobs has always wanted people to be pulled into this tightly controlled eco-system.
However, going ahead in this open source driven, android dominated mobile platform, Apple is trying to figure out how to swim and how to twist its fins.

What will Swift 2.0 offer us as developers.

  • It will be open source only late in 2015.
  • Swift compiler and libraries will be open for access.[ Similar to how Microsoft made .NET framework an open source with its compiler ROSLYN already being an opensource code].
  • The community contributions will be encouraged and accepted. [ There will definitely be a slow process of  approval] .
Read more about Swift 2.0 at more about Swift and to know more about Swift language itself go here.

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