TOP 5 reasons, Infy employees seem to be more happy Now!

Infosys, India's 2nd largest IT outsourcing and consulting services company. For the first time in its 31 year long journey, they have choosen a non- founder as the CEO. Dr.Vishal Sikka a person with humble beginnings in India and went on the become the executive board member of SAP.

Glassdoor, a start up that allows people to anonymously read/write reviews from current/previous employees about their employers has recently released a list of best CEO's for United States Of America.
image source: techcrunch

With Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page emerging the topper of the list, Dr.Sikka was one among the top 50. Mind you that the results were based on the reviews and ratings from the current/previous employees based out of USA alone.

With 91% of the employees rating that they are happy with Dr.Sikka is a big figure. 91% of 170,000 staff is like 150,000 have approved him.

Now, 5 reasons why Dr.Sikka has made Infoscions/ Infy employees happy

Looks like Dr.Sikka is here with a determination to boost and increase the morale and the show a bright future for employees at Infosys and help them build a good career path. We wish all the Infoscions all the very best! 

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