Next Singapore In making:: Seema + Andhra = New Singapore. Are you sure?

  • Elections are over in the largest democracy of the world. Of the eligible 814 million voters, 550 million has taken their stand.
  •  The ruling INC party represented by Sonia-Rahul Gandhi family has taken the biggest and the bitterest bite of the 65 years of Independent India. 
  • On the other hand BJP lead by Narendra Modi, the most successful Chief Minister of Gujarat has won 335 along with its allies. 
  • Modi comes from the land where Mahatma Gandhi or the The Father of Indian Nation has come. He comes from a place where the Iron Man of India, Sri Sardar Vallabhai Patel has come, who is known for uniting India and its princely states that were left in a messy way after the Independence.

  • Coming to the head line of Singapore (Wiki here) in awaiting, refers to the newly going to be formed state of Andhra Pradesh after making Telangana an independent state. Of the last few months, as part of the election campaign, Chandra babu Naidu (Wiki:CBN) the 2 time chief minister of united AP and Jagan Reddy (Wiki:Jagan), the son of 2 time chief minister of united AP Dr.YSR have made statements that they will make the seemandhra the next Singapore of the world. TDP has won the elections in seemandhra and are about to form the Govt.

Let us try to understand what it means to be the next Singapore. What is it that makes people of seemandhra believe they are going to live in next Singapore?

  • Are they looking for tourism?
  • Are the people of seemandhra willing to keep their region CLEAN and GREEN?
  • Are the people of seemandhra think that having tall sky scrapers is what makes the next Singapore?
  • Is it that building the safe drinking water plants make it?
  • Is it that the open market trade makes it the next Singapore?
  • Or is it that making the 961 KM of the vast coast line filled with beaches and shipping ports makes the next Singapore?
  • Or are they want a Singapore that they saw in Telugu films with dons on one side, Hero and Heroine on one side?
  • For few having cement roads to their village makes it a Singapore and for someone else, having safe drinking water makes their village a Singapore. 
  • Think and write back to us on what it makes to be the next Singapore. We will pass this on our mail id:

Think about it. Now that you have voted, take the right of asking your leaders.

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