Social Foot print - The next Careful step!!!

This week, the Hyderabad rocker team celebrates reaching 200+ followers on the twitter.
On this eve, we want to bring in a new column - a new topic here!!!

Few decades back, having a postal address was a great thing and receiving a post was a WoW thing then (This was during our Grandfather's days).  After that came the electronic-computer revolution.
In late 90's and early 21st century - associating with a nearest internet cafe and possesiing a free 5MB e-mail in Hotmail/Yahoo/Rediff  made you the person of discussion among your peers when it came to the term technology.

I still remember - It was May-11-2000, that for the first time I got an e-mail id and exactly two years from then, in 2002, I created my footprint on the net by becoming a blogger (Blogger demanded a new account to be setup then and it was not associated with G-mail id then).

Surprisingly, WWW-internet turned 30 years recently.

Thus, with the revolution, having a social presence has become a necessity. No matter whether we really use them that frequently or not, but associating with the social networking sites have become a kind of need of the hour. Agree?

[Yes] Then there is a need to be socially sensitive as well. Social sites like Facebook and Twitter have become a hit across the sections of the soceity, irrespective of the age. The idea of FB, TW have been hit for the simple reason - Humans have the habit of exaggarating their activities, what to tell others about their activities, the cool things they do and at the same time wanting to know what others are doing. From this zeal of the human nature, these sites survive.

Thus, knowingly/ unkowingly, the things we write, might sometime make us land in trouble. So-
  • Don't post/tweet content that can embrace your friends and family.
  • Don't post things from your office space. You might be unkowingly making company key things public.
  • Remember all posts in social media, by default are public.
  • Once posted/ uploaded on social sites, the content cannot be deleted completely from the internet as they will be cached/fed to servers for backup.
  • Don't post content that can cause hatered.
  • Don't write anything abusive about anyone and dont post content that might be wrong in the point of view - of your employer.
  • Don't post content that potentially can bring in a difference of opinion on you with others on a wrong way.
  • Don't post about your whereabouts - Like - On a vacation with family! Watching Skyfall with family at a cinema! or Partying with family, Out of Station at uncle's home! These can bring in unwanted visitors to your home at a wrong time and can make you lose!
  • But as the same time Modi has used Google+ hangout to reach out to the younger generation voters. 

Happy Social Networking!!!

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