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In India, i see everything is more messed up these days than ever. Starting from the Panipuri dabba to the parliament house!
There is mess all over. Something inspired me to write this on my blog. Yes, they are the ITMD and the Right2walk teams.
ITMD- Its time to make the difference.

Today, they have uploaded a picture on their FB's wall, that shows a Merc car belonging to the Jewelery shop owner. Whats the big thing in this? Sure, there is! The car is parked on the footpath. The path that belongs  to the pedestrians. The complete rights on that path belongs to the pedestrians.
Footpath in George street -Sydney-CBD
Banjara Hills- Hyderabad-India

OMG! what did i just right! I am sure, you might be thinking that i have gone mad. Yes, being in India and asking for the pedestrian rights makes you a mad man! Even the Panipuri wala will slap you. The road side business guys will start shouting on us - "You are snatching our livelihood. What sin did we commit? what bad did we do to your family?" And suddenly there is a person taking the sand-dust that resembles the dust from a mining area from the unclean road into his/her hands and starts cursing you and your dynasty.

When will we realise that missing pedestrian paths will one day curse our own children? We are building a completely unsafe road policy to our kids. Someday, when a kid gets hit by a vehicle people start doing dharna/rastha-roko/agitation on the roads. Police will do their duty and law will take its own course of action. Time plays a more vital role- and we all forget this and move on!!!
A view from Apple iStore- Sydney-Australia

I was shocked and surprised and then was happy with the way drivers give way to the pedestrians in the other countries even when there is a free left turn for the vehicles. In India zebra crossings are to decorate the roads, fill the pockets of the contractors. Many of the vehicle drivers/riders don't even understand the meaning of it. Come on, what the bullshit are you talking? When there are no roads in many places, where will the markings be?

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