B.Tech Baba (2 cents for freshers from Industry)

Recently, during the fun time at office, I had a chat with one of the Manager's whom I have known for the past 4-5 years. He has an industry experience of over 14 years in the IT and ITES field. His rich industry experience has always made him special to us.

Not because of the 14 yrs tag, but because of his ability to help us understand how to grow in the IT industry and make a positive difference. It is not just how to grow in the IT industry alone, but how to make ourselves more employable, preparing ourselves to be more demanding in the market.

HYDR: What do you think is the most important quality that the upcoming generation has to carry with them to get into a job in terms of a fresher?
Robin: On a broader note, there are many points that together make a person more important for the market. 
For a fresher, to be in specific, you need to carry two qualities.
1: Being Adaptable 2: Keen interest in learning.

HYDR: Can you brief us on these two?
Robin: Being Adaptable: This means, you should make yourself be placed in such a situation that you are ready for whatever the situation is! No matter what the risk involved is, you must be ready to get in and start contributing to the success story.

So when I say - Contributing to the success story, here comes the concept of  inclination towards continuous learning.
When you have the zeal towards continuous learning, you keep yourself updated to the demands of the market. You are updated with the terms of the Technology that you are working in. 

This doesn't necessarily mean that you should learn multiple Languages like Java, C#, C++, F#. It means, you should be tracking the changes coming up in the Technology that you are currently working on. What are the new trends in it. How is market using it to deliver better to the clients.

So friends, be adaptable and continuously strive to learn! All the best!

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