Your views cut short.

After a long time, i have decided to take an earned leave to spend sometime with my parents and my sister. Pushing the daily routine of moving out of home at 7:25 AM to catch a bus at 7:30 AM at a stop that is 3 KM from my home in-time, which makes my 40 KM travel a comfort.

But being a software engineer at heart and soul, i couldn't put myself away from the Laptop for long. So, I wanted to spend sometime going through the random things that stuck my mind. Stocks-shares-sensex- was the thing that I dislike following. Just to make a diversion in my thought process, I had opened a couple of sites that help us track shares to the core.

There were so many details on the page, which instantly has taken my mind away from the page. What i did was, watch a couple of trailers for the upcoming movies in the YouTube. After sometime, when I was back on this site to close the window, i saw a shocking alert at the right bottom of the screen. I was surprised, taken aback and was wondering. The webpage made me believe and tried to prove that it was far intelligent and proactive than the normal netizen is expecting.

It threw an alert saying
"We notice that you are tracking AAA share closely. Get real-time notifications and alerts on SMS".

So, I have searched for another stock and left the page without doing anything for few minutes and went back to it. Alas! it said the same thing again, but for a different stock this time.

"We notice that you are tracking BBB share closely. Get real-time notifications and alerts on SMS".

Well, what does this mean? Is the stock information provider trying to help us? Not sure?
As far as my understanding goes, IT IS NOT. Instead, i would say that these websites are trying to steal our browsing information. They are trying to customize the stock pages based on few patterns that are captured by the algorithms of a server which has 0's and 1's and  have NO brains.

The next time around, the content that is suggested to you will be based on the last preferences that you have set. Say for example you have been checking the details of shares that are going ONLY on positive and are within a range of Rs.200 to Rs.300, and you make the tracking assistance save your preferences, then it shows you details of stocks that are in this range only. So, this means, your view of the webpage is defaulted with this range. Alas!

Instance TWO: I have opened a couple of webpages and then i was checking some websites that were doing e-commerce. I have picked up few brands and had navigated through the T-shirts section of those brands.  From the next time when i visit the two other  webpages that were open along with the current e-commerce site, they display the ads pertaining only to those brands. :-) Tracking to the core. This means indirectly, the technology has cut short my view of the outside world based on few of my hits and browsing patterns. The most important thing of all this, the browsing pattern used and evaluated was from my past time and not as per my needs.

Disclaimer: This is to notify each and everyone across the globe that this is not to criticize someone or a website or the developer. This is just to let know people reading this blog that how technology has advanced.

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