Bye Bye-2012

  • Indian cricket team losing to Australia.
  • Indian's winning 6 medals in Olympics.
  • Andra Pradesh- Hyderabad - making it to the Olympics with local persons winning 2 medals.
  • Windows 8 launch.
  • Visual Studio 2012 launch.
  • Samsung S3 launch.
  • Apple iPhone-5 launch.
  • Great Steve Jobs finished his job on the Earth.
  • Apple and Samsung file cases against each other.
  • Facebook goes public.
  • IT markets down.
  • Campus placements comes to a halt.
  • Major IT companies taking delayed decisions.
  • Poor economic outlook.
  • Barack Obama makes it to White house for his second and final turn as the President.
  • MARS mission continues and the red planet continues to thrill the humans.
  • West Indies wins the 2012- T20 cricket world cup.
  • God- Sachin Tendulkar Retires from ODI's.
  • Ricky Pointing retires from Cricket.
  • Many more dies because of clashes and fights every corner of the world.

An year that started with lots of hope and promises!
An year that saw Global Economy on the down side.
An Year that saw

Yet, we finished celebrating all the 365 days of the Year-2012. Get ready with hope and welcome Year-2013.


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