B.Tech Baba... (A series...Is Hyd employable?)

I was sharing my joy and happiness with one of my friends for the just achieved milestone of 300 posts on our own Hyderabad Rocker blog. I was over enthused and my friend too was with my continuous blabbering.
We were discussing on the variety of posts that we at HYDROKR have been writing over the last 3+ years. There were few fingers, some feedback, new suggestions and many appreciations to take home from the discussion.

One most important suggestions/idea to take home from the discussion is about the B.Tech babu/baba. This is not at all a new thing. Hyderabad has been the new face of IT industry in service/support/development departments with world's biggest IT companies having their Development centers in Hyd.

Thomson Reuters
Mahindra Satyam
and many more.......

Thus Hyderabad has continuously been supporting the ever growing needs of the world's IT needs year on year tirelessly and with more dedication. At the same time it has been creating new jobs/opportunities cutting across the ladders of the IT and its supporting infrastructure and maintenance sectors. So there is a need to monitor, capture, analyze and implement more sophisticated techniques to establish, maintain and operate the industry.

However, the question of the hour is -Are the Engineers gearing up to the situation. Is the city ready to absorb the growing day to day population. On top of all this, are the students passing out of the Engg. colleges of Andhra Pradesh able to raise to the situation to grab the job opportunities that are getting created in this industry?

Hence, we, the HYDROKR, want to take up a series of posts on this topic, so that we can stand, look, listen, obeserve, understand, analyze, concentrate, dedicate ourselves to capture the opportunities and more importantly together :-).

So, B.Tech Baba's get ready... think.... are you employable?

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