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Let's move ahead! There is more than what a textbook offers you. This doesnt mean that books at not to be read. After all, we need to be ompetitve than just passing the subjects.

We would have come across this scenario multiple times. -" OMG! did you see that notice board? He is just an average student in the class. Raghu, cleared the campus selection. And Hemanth! the guy with 70+ hasn't made it to the prestigious MNC."

No doubt, Hemanth is a gem. He is undoubtedly the distinction guy from the class. But that doesnt help when it comes to screening for the campus placements. Raghu, has scored just enough to be there in the list of the cut-off percentage for the B.Tech score. Beyond that Raghu has exhibited few more talents which made him stand apart from the crowd.

This means the companies coming for campus interviews treat both Hemanth and Raghu the same way if they fall under the cut-off percentage. After this, its one's way of handling things that brings in the difference.

The approach.
The positive attitude.
The confidence levels
Ways in reacting to a situation.

Remember, technical things can be taught, but not the personality development. If someone says, Sit in my personality development class, you will make it through and you believe that person, then you are a dumb. There is only one way to make the development - It has to come within. You will have to realize it. No one can make you do it come from with in.

So what next - We have few more things to discuss on this. Coming with them in the next set of posts. Until then, keep reading, drop your feedback, and yeah concentrate on the subjects, because that is the first thing!

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