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Continuing the discussion on the B.Tech baba types. No more beating around the bush. Lets lay down few equally important things we need to discuss and few other we need to keep out of the scope of this thread.

A Big "NO"
  • This is not about how to prepare technically  for an interview.
  • This thread is not to groom you for an technical interview.
  • This thread doesn't not give you any technical tips.
  • This doesn't include tips to change to a new job.
  • This doesn't not help you engage/gauge  an experienced.

Then what is this thread for?

Its "ALL" about
  • Taking a deep breath and understanding your within.
  • Helping yourself get analyze your positives and negatives.
  • Realising the betters in you and the detaching the not so best of you.
  • Helping you Calculate what is the best and the right thing for you.
  • Helping you gear up for the expectations of an interview.
  • Building the right attitude, approach and finish for the Under grads.
  • How to make yourself more involved in setting the goals.

Based on the feedback/comments we recieve we will try to put few things which readers believe will help them.

A series of posts to explore,exploit, exchange and enhance the skills needed for an under grad to get ready for the real world.

We do have guest authors who are at the levels of Senior Project Mangers, New Managers, Tech Leads, HRs belonging to various MNCs based out of Hyderabad. We also have invited few freshers who have just taken a campus placement so that they can share their experiences too..

We at HYDROKR believe to deliver the best for the society and its constituents. Get ready to boost yourself.

We at HYDROKR believe to deliver the best for the society and its constituents. However, the posts should not be isolated and looked at as an ideal one's. The thoughts from this posts should be gauged against your own experiences and your needs to understand the best that suites you. Hyderabad rocker team members doesn't take responsibility on whatever ways it is. This is just a write up based on our industry experiences.

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