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 The Indian generation born in late 90s has lost the true sense of being Indian, called Indian and living in India. The things that matter the most to them is the False showoff, facing away from parents and elders who give them the best teachings to grow up to the perfect future. Movies, to these L90 born is love, bloodshed, cheap comedy, hatred and yes, the sex. Its not they havent watched the best of the 90s Indian movies, they
have, but they wont take the stories completely. They, not just like the King Khan- SRK, but also love his roles in all his movies. They want to live just like how SRK potrayed in his romantic characters. But these L90s forget the respect that SRK gave to the elders in his movies, the love he showered - not just his lover but to his family and friends.

Friendship for the L90s mean - Coffee shops, KFC, late night parties, booze, and birthday bumps. Leaving the mother tongue, they living everything in English and believe this is how it is ought to be. More than Kishore kumar, they like the F-words from the rappers of the west. More than the scared words of God and  मा / అమ్మ , they like shouting SHIT.

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