HYDROCKR: Indian Musings - Part 1

As i start writing my thoughts here, there are three more teens in India, sitting somewhere, getting addicted[citation needed] to smoking, alcohol consumption or the worst case scenario - drugs. The Indian youth has been increasingly getting effected for the wrong reasons by the western movies and the western culture. For ages known, the consumption of alcohol (a kind of alcohol) has been in existence in India. But the good thing is there are more people who arent addicted than those who had. 

If have to be believed, the historians quote the rule of Mughal empire as the era that brought in a change in the people of India. Being one of the richest kingdoms of the world, India has been attacked by many. Indians have always been good to the new. Welcoming , making the new persons getting adapted, accepting the newly vested culture and traditions. However, starting with the advent of the British, the outlook of the people of Indian Kingdoms have changed. Though a little good has been done by the British, we have to accept the fact that more bad has definitely been done. The divide and rule policy has divided the society into more stringent caste believers, regional feeling, caste driven politics, persons with money being the Gods.

All these have got their own impact on the Youth of India. With the freedom fight movements in few Latin countries, the Youth of India, in 1857 have revolted along with the Indian Sepoy's working for the British. After the 1857 revlot, the next century of changes in the country have been based on the ideas of freedom. The realization of the freedom, freedom movement have got another great influence - Mahatma Gandhi.

No matter what, the influence on the youth is and will be at the greatest level of impacts of an act from the society. [Continued....]

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