hereditary Problems of Indian Democracy

India, as a country today, was once a place for many rulers. Its THE favorite place of the world's Kings. Every King in the world dream of having at least part of its Land under his rule.  Even Alexander the Great, wanted to conquer India. Such was the importance of India in the history of Kings and Kingdoms. Thankfully, this dream of the west was fulfilled by the British whose rule called the British Raj ended in the year 1947. But they made sure that the Indian Emperors  ceased to exist well in 1858.

Thus, after Independence, and India becoming republic, the Kings and the Kingdoms have gone. But, this is limited to the History department of the University and the social studies text book of the school. People of India, have become so busy with their daily activity of earning their bread, that they have already voted for another form of rule. Wondering, how we have a King in the Democratic India? Surprised, that many of you, have already voted for such a thing. Its not just you, but our parents as well, have voted for it. Yes!

The Nehru-Gandhi family is the new Kings family for the Democratic India. Its just the change in the names. Prime Minister Nehru, PM - Indira Gandhi, PM - Rajiv Gandhi, PM 2014- Rahul Gandhi. It is a real shame for us to say that the largest democartic country in the world with 120 crore population is reeling under a psudeo Kingdom's rule. No matter whatever it is, we are living this minute under that families elected psuedo Prime Minister - Dr. Manmohan Singh. Ever wondered what is the way forward for India? We as responsible citizens of this great country India, have voted the MP's and MLA's, who go and kneel infront of the Gandhi family. Their day starts with praises for the Gandhi family and their interactions with Media and common public start, continue and end with their desire of making Mr.Rahul Gandhi, the A/C room chocloate boy, the mom's boy to be the next PM of India. (Source: read-1, read-2, Rawat's stand).

People's leader must be someone like Narendra Modi or Nitish Kumar or the Y.S.Rajshekar Reddy garu or Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Having said all this, but if Congress-I comes to anywhere close to the majority in Loksabha in 2014, am sure we will have a psuedo leader from a family that takes democracy and ruling Independent democratic India as a hereditary who will rule this country - not on his consensus but by the force from his followers.

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