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In the recent week that has gone by , has seen a lot of uproar on the fee reimbursement issue. Am sure, that the coming weeks will make us witness more of this kind. The concept of fee reimbursement has been in place of over 5 years in AP, thanks to Shri. Dr.Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy garu.

As chief minister of AP, DR.YSR garu has brought in many social advantage reforms in the sate like Arogyasri, 108, Jalya Yagnam (building the water bodies), Godavari and Krishna waters to city. Of all these, which help us sustain our daily activities and lead a life, the life of Telugu people, YSR believed will only be secure, when the next generations have good education. Thus he has started fee reimbursement for BCs, OBCs, SC, ST, and EBCs. It is his foresight that in the past 5 years, close to 6 lakh students have gained higher education in technical and medial streams.

After the sudden loss of Shri YSR garu, the state has run into lot of troubles. be it the slow pace of Jala yagnam, social atrocities,  bad political situations, loss of many projects to Tamil Nadu and Maharastra, degradation of Telugu pride in the country. To add on to this is the recent row over the fee reimbursement issue.

A few thoughts from Yadanapudi Eshwar Sowbhagya Prasad, the chief editor  of Hyderabad Rocker.

  1. AP Govt, has failed to take steps in keeping a cap on the fee to be charged for the technical education.
  2. The Govt. has also failed to make sure that students get good qulaity education. Blame it with the AITUC or JNTU or the state Techinical Education dept.
  3. The Govt. has also failed to cancel the permissions to those colleges that failed to have the minimum facilities.
  4. The Technical Colleges Management Association has called for an increase in the fees to be charged. But is it valid to ask for the increase in the fee and change in its structure, when there is no quality education available in many colleges across the state?
  5. does all these colleges that run with 10% of the strength be considered for the fee reimbursement?
  6. Many of the Ministers have asked the question on- why should Govt pay fees to those students if he/she doesn't even clear half of the subjects in very semester? This is a valid question.
    • One, students must think before they choose a college.
    • Two, the student should give value to the Govt.money, because its the tax payers money
    • Three, even if they dont do the first two, at the end of 4th year, it they themselves who are at loss, as they wont be able to fit themselves in any job or position and in turn become a burden of their parents.

As part of the Govt. duty, the state Govt. should make sure that
  • There is a cap on the fee for the techincal education.
  • time to time validation of the facilities and faculty at the Engineering colleges across the state.
  • Stop the fee reimbursement, if the student fails to clear all the subjects. I support our Governor (S.N.L. Narasimhan garu) in this aspect. Because paying fee for a failing student, who doesn't respect education is of no use to the society.
  • Make sure that stringent actions be taken against the management of the colleges that fail to keep up with the changing demands in the education sector.
  • Cancel the permissions of the colleges if they are not able to register at least 50% of the strength.

This is all about the future of students and future of state and future of India. Hence the decision has to be taken without any political thoughts and vote bank greediness. Else, am sure we will have to face a tough time ahead and the future generation will face very bad consequence.

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thanks for the information. it is good post. The Andhra Pradesh Government decided to give Rs 35,000 fee reimbursement for the engineering colleges.

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