An English Speaking Politician

We were discussing about the Coal-gate scam today during our lunch time. In the discussion came the details about how the Congress Govt of UPA-2 led by Sonia Gandhi has been trying to handle this situation where in the opposition BJP has been trying to corner it from all sides.

then one of my friends referred to this guy, Manish Tiwari, the official Spokesperson to the Congress ( Wiki; his page). He quoted - "This guy looks to me more like an English teaching school teacher than a politician.". He tries to pronounce words carefully as if he is in front of the media to be assessed for his TOEFL exam. He then tries to put these carefully pronounced words into some grammatically correct phrases and sentences and nothing much.

I got to see him today on the NDTV and he meant the same for me! Manish ji, people expect you to explain the ground situation and prove a point as a politician than just a person of English vocabulary who is desperately trying to prove the public about his English speaking skills.

By the way, the quality of English is good. The knowledge is properly put into use. But as a common Indian, we demand more than this from an elected member of parliament.

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