Unwanted Cooks

It's been over six months that i havent had enough time to show my distress against many of the wrongs that happened to us from the governement, bad aliments from the society on large.
however, past is past and its time that we have reviwed our sc
hedule to show our opinoins out and make our voices lound. In this process, we have chosen our well known trobuled Railway budget 2012.
It is a known fact that 'too many cooks spoil the food'. I am not sure whether there were too many cooks during the preparation of the Master Chef India (2012 Rail budget) by Dinesh Trivedi, but however, given the fact, there were too many unwanted cooks (politicians) out there to judge the quality of the efforts that Mr.Trevedi has put in to brind a better reciepe (budget).
  • This is the first budget in the last 7 yrs which has seen an increase in the number of new lines proposed than a small extension of the existing 20th century lines.
  • Its the first budget in the last 7 yrs which has given a better fruit to states other than Bihar and Bengal.
  • It is for the first time that an increase in fares has been declared.
Of all the good and the better that the Rail Budget '12 has offered the best that happened were mentioned above.
But Didi Mamtha Banerjee has got something else in her mind. 20 paise per KM increase for 1st class A/C looks like effecting the TRUE COMMON man of India in her view. I still doubt how a common man gets effected with an increase in the A/C coach fare? May be Mamtha was referring herself as a common man!!! (Grr....). Damm! But she travels in an Aeroplane and that too at the expense of the income taxes that we pay!!!

Dr. Manmohan might have too many degree and Convocation letters to his credit. But as a PM, who has also had an experience as serving as an RBI governor and Finance minister, doesnt seem to use his experience at all. There seems to be no advise or guidance from him to the FM to have a better Budget that gives a smile to the pcket of a common man of India (Aaam Admi).

Its time that Dr.Manmohan stops playing for the UPA partners and start playing to Win for the Aam Admi of INDIA. Its time that he keeps aloof of the fear that Congress might lose majority and think on the lines for the benift of India so that India as a country doesnt lose its shine on the World Map (Sardarji, please dont paint a shining color on the map and say, India is shining)

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