By-Polls in AP : Focus on Telangana Voting

Its time again for a By-Poll in Telangana region. By-polls have become a common thing in the politics of the Telangana region. Not because people have not voted or not because there have been political instability in the region. Its because the Netha log needed to prove over and again that they are here in politics for achiving the nobel cause called separate Telangana. Well all said and said again, but nothing done!!!

But people in Telangana have come out once again daring the scrotching 2012 Summer of the subcontinent to vote for the politicians who have contested with different flags on their shoulders but with a single goal called the Telangana.

This is the 3rd time in the last few years that Telangana people have comeout again for a By-poll. All the wonderful people of Telangana call them what ever you like to name them, have voted in huge percentages. At the end the results are the same making those who were strong in their words for Telangana Win the contest.

But the truth that the Govt. or the contestants or the winners have to note is, the people of Telangana have voted only for the sake of Telangana and not for anything else. Keep aside the money showering, boon promising politicians. Even if i can make a talking parrot contenst, which speaks nothing apart from 'Jain Telangana', am sure this parrot is going to win.

The leaders of the AP should note that its the sentiment of Telangana that has seen the TRS or the BJP or the Independent - Nagam win the contest. Its not becuase they are doing miracles in a starved Telangana stomachs or the dried fields of the Telangana heart land. Leaders, read the next lines carefully. Its time for you to make a point clear whether you give it or not. But please dont cheat the Telugu people on the name of the situation.

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