Google +

The latest breed from the staple of the world's best search engine provider is Google+.
But how really will this plus the help the google socially?

Google has come up with all new names but not that great and new things. For me to quote Google+ in one line "Its a box that holds all the existing socializing connections and sites with new shape, color, name and demonstration"

Few points where Google scores: 1. The dail connection with Video upto ten heads simultaneously.
2. Linking things based on your groups.

Points where Google is definitley going to run down:
1. We humans are more interested on gossips and what the others are talking about. But Google with the name of security and groups cuts this facility.
2. We love what people say about others. This is cut down.
3. We even can see what are friends are writing on the walls of those who are not our friends in FB. This is missing in Google+, which can hit it very strong.

Google has already lost this social networking fight more than a couple of times in the form of Wave, docs, Orkut.

Its good to have security and other features enabled, but what people come into S.Networking sites to know whats going on with those with whom we dont have a regular connection or interaction with.

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