Is India Ready?

The Tusnami and the Earthquake that stuck Japan has raised apprehensions in many countries again about the use of Nuclear power and the nuclear plants for the power generation.

Hyderabad Rocker team expresses deep condolenses to the Japan people who have lost their loved one's in this fierece expression of nature.

But the point of focus for this blog as always India. India has got good number of Nuclear plants up and running for the power generation and a lot more are in progress. But we have to be careful about the strength of the power stations. Also the Indian administration run by Dr. Manmohan Singh should act proactively to make sure that The Atomic Energy Association doesnt over react with its views towards India.

A point to note is that India has very little part of its land mass under sesmic range. Hence the constructions in India are sagfe, but at the same time, we cant be sure about the tusnami hence "Is India Ready?"

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