Ram Gopal Verma.

Movies... Story ,Screenplay and Direction. The above three roles mostly go in the hands of the same person , across the globe.

And the Indian Film industry had had very good persons taking up these roles. Among those better persons is a good Director named Ram Gopal Verma. Starting off his career in Telugu industry, he made a strong base to himself in Hindi industry too.

Being in the film industry, its a common thing to have success and faliure, once in a while. But the program in a news channel, scripting up their own story, on the success and failure of such a good director, Ram Gopal Verma is of shame.

The most interesting part of this bad episode , is one person asking RGV to direct movies for the social welfare.

Who the hell is he is suggest what a director has to do? Why is that RGV has to make such kind of movies?

It is the wish of the director to make his own movie, with the story of his interest. Why shoudl someone command on what should
he show on the silver screen?

So Ram .. move on and make movie of your choice. There are many like me who like your movies. :D and yes the courage.

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