Dearer Prices and Poor India

India boasts itself to to carrying the highest headcount of the worlds middle class family..

India has the highest group of people between the ages od 23- 35 and by 2104 India is going to have the highest in the age range od 23-29.

But what's the use to put all these values of the sheets if they aren't going to stay for long.

A good biginner doesnt mean a good finisher. So to win, a person needs constant stamina and determination, which seems to lack in today's Manmohan Singh Govt. led by Congress.

Being the largest democratic country in the world, Indian Govt, has done nothing to its people. The Govt. didnt even support its countries growing business in any sense.

GodDamm, the Finance minister and the Agricuture minister have been making up their faces as if they arent the one's to be blamed for the increasing prices and the inflation.

Mr. Sharad Pawar should be ashamed to give a statement which brings disgrace to the position he is holding.
In the current situation, the Indian middle class cannot make to see their existence without earning atleast 25000 INR ($ 549).

This seems to be at very low levels compared to the Indian Per Capita Income. But the fact to note is only 40% of the middle calss is able earn this amount in today's context.

With prices soaring at all time high and the Petrol prices increasing 2-3 times a month is making the normal man take a walk even to long distances as the Govt., transport is becoming dearer and the eatables getting dearer, the common in India and the middle class in India is soon going to vanish.

India will again turn to a country of Lower middle class and people below poverty line if the Govt doesnt react to the current dragon like price rise and saving farmers from suicides.

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