Thrashing the Truth

Truth will always Prevail. This is what i was taught when i was in my early days of my school. I was forced to say and confess the truth about what ever i did as a student at school and as a child to my parents at home.

Thus truth had a great impact on me. Even if I force myself and commit not to speak the truth when asked for, I am interrogated until I did commit the reality. Thus truth always has prevailed and has often generated pain within me and many of us.

In the 21st century, Truth is something which cant be an asset to the public. Truth is something which the public can't get. Truth has been made to sit far and made to be almost invisible to the public. And all this credit goes mostly to the modern day governments. This separation of Truth from the public has been mainly started by the Age old Govt. policies of the United States of America and they have been put into practice with little tweeting here and there by the other countries of the world.

When America entered the WW-2, albeit in 1942, it has said that it was to protect the truth. The truth called independence and non-dictatorship.

Come 2010, when Wiki Leaks has leaked many classified(they are for America, but in the public opinion they shouldn't be) papers, US Govt. has filed papers against Assange stating that it is a threat to the US people and the integrity of the World.

America do knows that the integrity of the world has been split and it was mainly because of its(USA's) involvement. Its key role in the WW-2 with the help of Little Boy, and making the Hiroshima and Nagasaki go to Ashes, USA became a dictator of the World.

This is officially, by its involvement in the UNO and all the sentences of UNO said as per USA's wish.

We as the common public should thank Assange for making all the documents available to us.
A true public Govt. should be transparent and should make every step of it in the public.

Support the public and support Wiki Leaks. Not just Wiki Leaks but all those Organisations that stand for the public., the common man of the world.

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