My Caste has to be Cast

Its a known fact that even in 21 century, India and Indians whatever it is from Marraige to politics from names to namaz from temples to topics run on the name of caste and creed

religion, how do we need to define this? Okay Hyderabad Rocker defines it this way in its candid
attempt. Religion: A belief that makes a man survie and run his daily chores based on some of the sayings of the of the creater and the early followers of these beliefs. Religion of the Ancient age should have been as said above.

Then after B.C all the sayings have been manipulated and made in favor of some people. And thus Religion bares a very bad fae today and stands as adivide between the people.

Coming to the topic Caste, its a unique thing for the Religion Hinduism and for the people called Hindus and mainly to the mainland India.

Caste stood as a main part of the daily social activities of all the Indias since the days known. It was primarily set to define the work that an individual had to do on a day to day basis.

People were free to select their section of the caste- Brahmin,Skhatriya,,Vyasya, Sudra.

Thus caste system gave a livelyhood to each and everyone in early Indian society.
Brahmin to perform all those poojas and advice the Kings, Kshatriyas to protect the land from foreigh invasion, Vysyas for the finances of the kingdom and society. Sudra to support all of the
above castes in some smaller acts.
In between 100 A.D and 400 A.D caste has got many branches than the early 4.

Coming to the 19th century and then situation in India:

Its widely known that Congress claims BJP as a only hindu pro party. And BJP says 'Hindutva' a sole concept of its origin refers to Hindustan and not just to Hindu. Though Congress tries to push BJP into that mud, yet BJP has succeded in winning the hearts of other castes and creeds and religions.

Thus we finish the introduction on how important a religion, caste and creed mean to the politics of India.

Now the caste system has entered educational institutions Students belonging to the same caste mingle with eachother have fun time with the same group of sub castes.

And slowly, as we all know, students because of their tender age and thinking they were influenced by the external dirty groups.

Thus these group of students tried to show that they are great and thus have led to caste fights in the colleges. This was so strong that there were caste killings in many parts of India until 1991-92. After this, the phenomenon has started to come down.

But in the past one week the number of incidents of these caste fights in the colleges of Hyderabad and Vijayawada have brought the memories of those bad days into the
minds of police and the common man of the state.

Students, remeber India is more important than caste. Education definitions next to your name
are essence to sucess than the caste reference at the end of your name.

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