India's Tomorrow

A good citizen goes on to become the part of a better country/nation/society.

But for to make a good citizen from a lovely child needs imparting education to him/her. Here comes the problem that the current socirty of India is facing.

Hyderabad Rocker has closely been associated with the students of the current society as this blog too has come into existence when its editor Eshwar Prasad Yaddanapudi(It's me) was a student.

The current situation in India will help in producing the most genious students from the IIT's and IIM's along with someother 10000 best and good colleges across the country.

But what about the rest? India is the world's first country in the amount of people in the age group of 25-35 and it will have 40% of its people in the age group of 25-30 by 2020.

This means by 2020 there will be more ppl who are just out of Under graduation and graduate colleges. But are they really potent enough to lead this great nation. Are the capable of taking on the charge of the country with great histroty from the Times of Indus Valley civilization and then the Emporer Asoka and the Moghal Kings and the Great Mahatma Gandhi and his team?

This is time that we the youth should think and act smart and work better for a better society. WE the YOUTH shouldn't out our future into the hands of stupid and cunning politicians.

We must take steps to see that the politicians work for our better tomorrow. They should ultimately put the future of a great nation much high and make it to a respectable position.

Remember we Indian's need not be shy of anything. We are not like many people who dont know exactly to which country they have their grand parents and great grand parents belong to.

We had a great History than the Japan, the China, than Australia than that of America and UK and many other European countries.

We have the oldest historical books like Bhagvathgeetha and Ramayana.

We have the world's best combination of Religions and regions. One country where there is water, Mountains, Desert, Snow, Himalayas, the Ganga , The Bramhaputra and the Godavari
and the Krishna.

India is the only country which has thrilled even the Europeans and Chineese for many centuries. That is the reason why British was here. We have so much to show than what they have seen.

Indian's were rich and will be rich, dont worry the world should always come to us coz the life is called a circle.
The current situation is just a transition and its not very far before India will stand great again

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