Where is the clock

Well this thought stuck me yesterday night, when i have logged into my facebook account at around 11:00 PM. I do this everyday, and put some quote there, just to say that am alive.
So when i was writing something, the screen blinked and it was a ping from my cute little cousin.

She is 12 years old and is still awake. I asked her what is she upto and she is online for nothing.
So here's the story for you all and some comments from my side(Yaddanapudi Eshwar Sowbhagya Prasad)

When i was a kid, i use to sleep really great. I never knew how the direction of hands of the clock for times after 7:00 PM or before 7:00 AM looked.
Those days were really the most happiest days of my life. Even when i was 14 i use to sleep by 10:00 PM. Yes, when i had to prepare for my exams, I use to sleep at 9 and wake up at 3:00 AM in the morning and prepare for the test.

As the days have passed, and the times have changed. More importantly, the lifestyle has changed. This change in the life style has forced many of us to be owls and bats.

Before i came into my job, as a student doing under graduate degree, i was never awake after 11:00 PM. it was on rear occuasions like christmas or new year or some booze party at friends home once in a while.

But now, i cant get to bed before 12:00 PM and can't stop to feel my surroundings before 12:45 AM. Thus came the drastic changes in my life. Even now, as i write this post for you its 10:40 PM and am as active as am in the morning at 6:00 AM.

The worst effects of this changed life style is, before all my body parts realize my resting posture and they start to relax, the alarm blows out and i start to get ready for my next days activity with a bed coffee, the most loving thing on this Earth, and is put into my hands by the most loving person on this Earth, my mother.

Take a break and enjoy your life.

So good night dear readers.

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