Orange Movie Review

Bommarillu Bhasker, has come up yet again with a story line that's closely relates to the today's family structure. Its true that he hasn't put as much effort as he has put for the movie Bommarillu.
The screenplay is okay types, but it would have been better if Bhaskar had worked a little more to show what he wanted to communicate. The story line is very thin and sensitive.

If my guess is true, Bhaskar has scripted this with the new generation love stories and couples in mind who often have split quoting that they have lost their self-independence after getting into a committed life or into a lifelong relationship.

He says that the word "Committed" should not be taken literally and the two in a relationship shouldn't distant the others from his/her routine lifestyle, though there might be some instances where you have to compromise. On a whole its a truly good movie. A Love in Fall calling all of us to Fall in Love and remain in it forever because "Memories shouldn't be filled with reasons but should be filled with happiness"(మనిషి కారణాలతో మిగలకూదదు)

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