House of Shame

India, a country with great history and present and moving ahead with great future. Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha stand there as a symbol of people's rule. It represents the men and women selected by the common man*(Aam Adami) of India to represent them with in the country and abroad.

But they all have put the common man to shame. They have brought down the dignity of the common man*(Aam Adami) of India. They have torn apart the faith of the common man*(Aam Adami) that he/she has put on them.

Its been 12 days that the winter session of the Parliament has started. Its just a fornight that Mr. Barack Obama has given a speech to the combined house of representatives. Its been only 14 days that Mr.Obama has praised India for its largest democracy and its principle of catering to requierements of the 110 million people of India.
But the representatives have forgot everything. They have been quarelling on a single stupid point of having a JPC for the scam of 2G spectrum. Its is a known fact that the 2G spectrum is a good scam and it has got all the eligibilities to stand at first as the scam of the decade in the 21st century Indian story.

But there are many more things that have to be discussed. The Aam Adami's greviences havent't been asnwered by the government still.
Its been almost 2.5 years that the food prices have been raising. The Govt has done very very little to contain gheroa the prices from growing.

I still remeber, 2 years back i use to buy the same qualilty and quantity of rice and i bought them for almost 35% cheaper rate than what it is now. Even my house maid is spending 40% more than what she use to spend 3 years back.

The Aam Adami is dying empty stomach and many Indians and some lower middle class Indian's are moving to Below Poverty Line.

So dear politicians please wake up, realise at least now. You are not been put there in the A/C rooms and not been made to go in the A/C cars to enjoy your personal life and make personal criticisms. But you have been put there to answer the problems and get the solutions for the common man*(The Aaam Adami).

Some of you can question my post saying that "If you feel that the stature of the Aaam Adami has to be changed then why don't you dirt your hands and do some work instead of writing essays here". But my dear beloved readers, the politicians are selected to do the above said things. Given a chance even am ready to serve my people.

*-> Common man is referred to all the genders that are believed to exist in the material world.

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