Thrashing Teacher

while i was a kid, in my dreams i always and constantly saw one person, that was
my Maths teacher.

5 feet 5 inch high with good physic and lipstick resembling a film actress, she was the most horrifying one in her words and character.

May be she was made a teacher, because of her horrifying character.When the bell stuck high stating its 10 AM, rats ran inside our bellies, even for the most intelligent students of the class.
(though i should appreciate the fact that even i am the topper).

Though she punished us very often when we made mistakes, the punishments always brought a
change in our approach and at the end of the year, we remembered all those and laughed as those experiences tickled our stupid senses.

But the 21st century school teachers are still the teachers. They are paid very
high. Their make up is much more than what Angelina Joile has or that of
Jennfier Aniston. They are soft spoken at the entrance. Even the male teachers are not
less in this aspect. But as you see them in the classroom, the scenerio changes.

She/He is short tempered, and doesnt care on difficulties that a student might have been
facing in the subjects that are taught by her/him. Their only aim and goal is to
see the kids complete their work else beat them so that they wont get the relief from
the pain for atleast another 2-3 days.

Slowly this has changed,. They have learnt very less as a teacher and what it takes
to become a good teacher. Rather they have got inspired by the
Prime time Crime stories, that they have turned to be police who torture the criminals
with third degree treatment.

The recent details shows these all are true. Thanks to the media. This is the only time
that i have appreciated the media.

The principal of a school in Andhra Pradesh has beaten 12 students and gave them TC when
they asked for a new physics teacher.

In another case. the Physical Trainer teacher has beaten the students on their legs, this
time the girls, and they had to be admitted in hospital in emergency ward for 4 days.
The reason is silly, they skipped their morning Yoga classess.

And as of today, a maths teacher in Rajasthan has stuck a little cutey girl Nisha Chowdary
with her notebook on the face. Guess what, she is a UKG student and the most horrifying fact
is that Nisha lost her eye sight because of nerve hamerrage.

To all the teachers, whom we have been respecting for this long years, for whom we have been
afarid all these years, i say, we are the future of this country. We have got talents and
they have to be tamed and we are not supposed to be thrashed. If we the kids all are beaten
and we all loose our body parts then the country will not see a bright future or will lot
be able to run on a fast path.

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