Are these acts really worth?

Again and again, I hear the same and they all are at the same place and for the same cause.

I think my blog readers are good enough to understand what am i up to this time. Yes, its the OU campus, the oldest modern colleges of A.P and India. And the campus is in the news for wrong reasons again.

The campus known for giving good and daring politicians and activists and now giving more coward and stupid citizens to the society. They are not just stupid and coward, they even doesn't carry the sense of what it means to be alive and what it means to fight for what they want.

If the students of OU believe that they are worth to have a separate state of Telangana, they are good enough in India, the state of socilalist,democratic country and which gives its citizens the right to express their feelings. But it is a shame that the brains of these students who are doing their masters have not grown beyond the books and the syllabus.

They are putting their parents life at distress and their feelings have got no values before what they think and act. Committing suicides on the name of Telangana and on the name of Telanagana students agitation is really really a condemnable act.

The students have to think out-of-box but the thinking should not lead to committing suicides or creating trouble to the other citizens. The thinking should have the power in them to get what they want, and in the right way.

At least now, the main stream leaders and Student Federation activists must take a step and convey the students that suicides are not going to give what they want, nor burning of the public property too. A pure act of achieving what we want lays in being patient and balanced and acting in a positive way when the situation really demands.

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