Sons of Same Mother

Its a pity that the world's largest democratic country, world's second largest populated country and having won independence in a peaceful manner, is now suffering. The reason for the suffering is quite clear. The children of the same mother are fighting.

They are fighting as if they were enemies even before they were born. there are many cases of internal disturbances in India right after the word independence in 1947.

Many of the internal disturbances leaving the Emergency period of 1975-1977 to the most recent attack on Mumbai are done with the involvement of the external forces.

But the recent clashes in the name of freedom and in the name of sovereign are fought between the people of India.

The attack of Naxals(Maoitsts) in the village of Dantewada on the CRPF and on the national railways is a real shame.

It is to be noted that the Naxals have put down 87 of the CRPF jawans so intelligently and with one shot. This proves that India doesn't lag in strategy of in terms of combats.

It is only that we don't tame the good and leave them to grow and become bad. Most of you will agree to me if i say that atleast a tenth of the Naxals will be successful in the field of battle, let it be land,water,Air. Stating this I should also caution you that this is possible only if we tame them and bring them up in a proper way.

These points are to be noted and the reason is that many of the Naxals are from villages which are in the worst of the conditions with no proper facilities to the people living in them.

As Gandhiji said , and is a known fact, that most of the Indians live in villages, it is the duty of the Govt to take care of the facilities and other requirements of the villagers.

Also it is a known fact, that none will attack someone if he/she is content with what they have, if there are no gaps in the needs and the availabilities.

Thus we can say and save the future of India and also stop the human rights degradation if we handle the villages good and in a better way which contribute to 68% of the Indian population and which contribute to the 80% of the votes which make up the political parties build their Governments.

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